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Male Complaints
Early Ejaculation
Absence of sexual desire
Weak Erection
Semen in Urine
Less Sperm count
Semen at Night
Excessive Sexual Desire
Delayed or Absent Ejaculation
Female Complaints
Vaginal Spasm
Painful intercourse
Vaginal Dryness
Aversion to Sexual Act
Underdeveloped Breasts
Post delivery looseness
M.D. Ph.D. (Gold Medalist)
Post Graduate Diploma in Vajikaran (Sexology)
Fellow of Institute of Indian Medicine.
Senior Ayurvedic Physician having 30 years of clinical experience in the field of Ayurveda.
I am 26 year old newly married just before 3 moths. But it was not able to get penis penetrated inside. My vegina used to become target & as per doctor it was due to vaginal Spasm. Dr kolhe gave some medicine, medicional all for vaginal dilatation & perfect counseling. Now I am not scared about & enjoying my sexual life.
Shreya Nagpur
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Welcome to kegel Sex Disorder Clinic
Sex is an essential ingredient of life. The satisfaction or dissatisfaction of sex can contribute to the attitudes & behavior of both partners towards each other.
Research shows that both men & women have strong & equal sexual urges. Sexual activity is not meant only for procreation. It contributes to pleasure & enjoyment. Use sex as a means of intimate communication, bonding & expressing love for each other.
In Ayurveda a special Branch known as ‘VAJIKARAN’ is mentioned thoroughly. This is one of the eigth special branches of ayurveda which deals with the management of defective semen for spermatogenesis along with sexual potencification .Procreation & recreation are the 2 merits of Vajikaran .Vajikaran promotes the sexual capacity of performance On the other hand it also improves physical & psychological health of individuals.
Putraisana (desire for progeny) is one of the primary desires of mankind mentioned in the Upnishads .Manu emphasizes more on procreation whereas Vatsayana attaches more importance on enjoyment. But the physician’s role has been to look to both & maintain the balance between the two.
Some persons became enough strong in sex after Vajikaran therapy & some people possess sexual power equivalent to the bull by nature itself. A man who wishes active virilification should regularly consume virilific food substances & medicines.
Modern medicines have hardly any drugs or therapy to offer to benefit patients with sexual disorder whereas Ayurveda has number of medicinal preparations & various types of therapies to promote vigor, vitality & virility.
Sex & Men
Capacity to have sexual intercourse with woman differs from person to person. It is not constant through out the life span. It has got ups & down.
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Sex & Women
Woman has a pivotal place in sexual copulation she is the platform & media for sex & considered always potent in sexual activity but she plays passive role in sex.
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